Lithuania is a small country in Baltic (region of Europe). Its population is quite small, and most Americans have no idea where this country is located and know nothing about its people and culture. However, you shouldn’t ignore it. There are a lot of beautiful sexy girls there who can become a good wife for you. Let’s see what is remarkable about a Lithuanian bride.

Why Lithuanian Women Are So Popular Among Foreigners?

You can argue and say that they are not that popular. You will be partly right. Girls from other Eastern European countries such as Russia, Ukraine or Poland are more interesting. But this is only because few people know about a country like Lithuania. And those who do know show a great interest in local girls and want to marry them.

Lithuanian brides are self-sufficient, but at the same time, they value family very much. Lithuanians try to help their loved ones even when it comes to work or business.

Let’s talk about appearance. Most of the Lithuanian girls have blonde or red hair. They are usually tall and slender. They are a bit like girls from Ukraine and Sweden.

Pros and Cons of Dating Lithuanian Women

Lithuanian BrideUnlike Ukraine or Russia, most of the population in Lithuania is Catholic, just like Americans. If religion matters to you, then it will be a little easier for you to find a common language with a Lithuanian girl.


  • The girls are very attractive there.
  • The level of English proficiency in Lithuania is quite good. It will not be difficult for you to find a bride with good English.
  • Girls successfully combine traditional family values ​​and Western views.
  • Lithuanian citizens can freely visit the United States, and US citizens can visit Lithuania without a visa because this country is part of the European Union.


  • Geographically, Lithuania is very far from America, and there is a big difference in time zones.
  • Many girls are in no hurry to get married.

Where To Find A Lithuanian Girl?

Lithuanian womenLithuania is a beautiful European country. You can spend money on flights and hotel to stay there for several weeks if you have the opportunity. US citizens can stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days, so if you’re on vacation or working remotely, why not.

Visit bars, clubs, restaurants, try to meet girls on the street. There are not many tourists there, especially from America, so you will be welcome. Many girls dream of meeting an American, and it won’t be a problem for you to start chatting with a hot Lithuanian woman.

But not everyone has this opportunity. Many people need to stay in the United States because of work and many just feel uncomfortable being alone in another country. Moreover, not all men are brave enough to meet a foreign woman in real life. All of this is really stressful.

Another option is to register on a Lithuanian dating site or a Lithuanian mail order brides service and start chatting there. There are paid and free services. Using free apps, you have a great chance to get to know someone, but there is no guarantee that the girl will be ready to move and get married. On the paid sites, girls on the contrary register for a specific purpose. There, you both know what you want, so dating is often worth the money spent. In any case, it is much cheaper than a trip to Europe.

Do and Don’ts of Dating Lithuanian Girls

Lithuanian WomanLithuanian women are different from American women, and also different from Russian women. You must take this into account when communicating and treat them differently.

You don’t need to compliment your correspondence often at the beginning. Some Lithuania love this, but others will find it bad form. Compliment the girl you have been dating for a long time. Then they will sound sincere to her.

Don’t try to impress a girl with your money. They don’t live in an impoverished country. Most often, girls meet foreigners not for the sake of money. Therefore, don’t use avoid show-offs.

There is no need to rush to take serious steps. According to statistics, an ordinary girl in Lithuania has few partners in her life. This means that they are very serious about their choice and are not ready to immediately enter into a relationship. It will take time before you prove your loyalty to each other.

Don’t call a girl Russian, even if she speaks Russian. Many Lithuanians don’t like Russia.

Here are four things you shouldn’t do. What, then, can and should be? Show respect for the girl and treat her as an equal partner. It’s simple, but important.

Cultural Differences

To understand the mentality of Lithuania, you need to know more about it.

Geographically, this country is located in the region called the Baltic. It is between northern and eastern Europe. The country borders on Latvia, Poland, Belarus and the Kaliningrad region (Russia).

Lithuanian BridesIn the past, this country was part of the Soviet Union, but has always differed from most of the USSR in its culture and architecture. The state language and the language of the majority is Lithuanian, but many people also speak Russian. Today it is studied in schools as a foreign language. As of 2011, 63% of the population knew Russian (and only 30% knew English).

Sometimes Latvia is called northern Italy, because people at first glance seem to be reserved, but at the same time they are very emotional, like Italians. You will definitely come across this trait if you want to choose a bride for yourself.

The family is a very important part of ​​life for them. You can often see how Lithuanians create a family business and hire only their family members for management positions in the company.

Another feature of the mentality is thrift and rationality. Lithuanians are very careful about what they have.

They also love music, dance, fun and celebration. Well, this is not surprising. Is there someone who doesn’t like this?

Their humor is different from the American one. In its style, it is more like British. It’s hard to explain, but you can see it yourself.

Clothing style in Lithuania is more elegant than in America. People in Lithuania, especially girls, choose their Outlook carefully to look good on the street.

Another cultural difference is that Americans rarely leave their home country and almost never move to other countries. The situation in Latvia is different. These people often travel abroad, often work in other European countries and stay to live there.

There are several reasons for this. First, the country is part of the European Union, so people have no obstacles to immigration. Secondly, this country is quite small. And thirdly, the level of income in Lithuania is lower than, for example, in Germany. Before joining the EU, the country’s population was more than 3.5 million people. Now it is less than 3 million.

The plus is that a girl from Latvia will be calm about moving to America. There are many who are ready for such a step.


Why do Lithuanian brides want to marry a man from abroad?

Girls from Lithuania often communicate with foreigners. Especially those who studied and worked abroad. Since Lithuania is a small country, it is natural for them to consider foreigners as potential partners.

How to find a reliable Lithuanian dating site?

There are international sites and special sites for meeting brides from other countries. There are girls who decide to marry an American faster than others. Read reviews of the site beforehand anyway.

What is the difference between Lithuanian and Russian brides?

These are two different countries, and it is incorrect to compare them. Lithuanian girls are more emotional and adhere to Western values more than Russian ones.

What your life will look like in marriage with Lithuanian woman?

At first, it will be difficult for you to communicate due to the language barrier. This problem is solved within a month. Then your marriage will be quite comfortable. The main thing is not nationality, but the character of a particular person.

What do Lithuanian women look for in a man?

This is a great advantage if you are good looking, exercise, have a good job, or run a business. It is not fundamentally important, but your success in life increases the girl’s desire to get to know you.

Congratulations! You have read to the end. Now you know more about this Baltic country, culture and women. Use this knowledge to find your perfect wife. We wish you good luck in love!