Do you want to come home after a working day and spend evenings with a loved one with whom you will create a cozy family home? And none of the acquaintances of such intention’s shares? We have selected for you the best dating sites on which to find mail order Russian brides. Here everyone can make serious acquaintances for marriage and family. However, often users become victims of scams. Be careful.

What is the Best Russian Mail Order Bride Site?

Dating sites come to the rescue to create a family with a hot Russians bride. This is not just a list of dating sites for serious relationships and marriage. It’s like a whole research laboratory. None of the sites listed were rated as advertising or public relations. We conducted a comprehensive analysis, which included many points.

How We Rate Dating Sites?

Anastasia BrideTherefore, we can safely say that legitimate Russian dating sites for creating a family without registration are almost a myth. Yes, they exist in the form of a bulletin board with phone numbers and a photo, but profiles are easily lost in the general stream, it is difficult to find them, and you can forget about the correspondence function. Also, often on such sites offer only sex, or intend to breed you for money.

The above are the sites that enjoy particular popularity and trust among users, as well as on which they can really arrange a meeting, and not be limited to online flirting with Russian girls. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of all known platforms to identify the most efficient, convenient, and safe. To do this, we:

  • registered on dating site, created male and female profiles;
  • started communication with some users in order to determine the level of culture of the audience’s behavior, their goals, intentions, and also to identify whether there are bots and fake pages on the site;
  • monitoring of old and new dating sites (without registration, they are not presented on our list as unsuitable for searching potential spouses and parents of future children);
  • tested the available functions: how well the geo-search works, the automatic algorithm for selecting candidates, the convenience of dialogs and video chats, etc.
  • tested the work of paid and free options – unfortunately, on most sites, free functionality is very limited, but premium accounts fully justify the money spent;
  • contacted technical support staff evaluated the speed and effectiveness of their actions;
  • collected feedback on many external resources, because, as a rule, on most dating sites themselves, most negative messages are deleted;
  • summarized the information received and then awarded a place in the TOP (by the way, you can influence it by leaving your opinion – it is very useful for us and other users to know it).

How Does the Mail Order Brides Work?

Alexandra BrideFor the full use of the service, it is recommended to register. To do this, just enter the data:

  1. Name.
  2. Email.
  3. Date of birth.
  4. Sex.
  5. Role.
  6. Password.

After that, you will have to go to your mail and find a letter from the administrator there. Inside it there will be a link, clicking on which confirms the registration. Then everything is more than standard: a few photos, information about education, work, personal interests, and preferences. It is better to fill in the fields to the maximum, which will simplify the search for a pair.

And if you are interested in maximum success, then choose not one serious dating site to create a family with a Russian bride, but several. But immediately when filling out the questionnaire, you can make mistakes that will impede dating. If you are interested in meeting a man or woman to create a family, then you should refrain from such photos:

  • nude photo shoots;
  • shots from parties in nightclubs;
  • plenty of selfies, photos in the mirror, from the fitness room (applies to both sexes);
  • in sunglasses;
  • with too bright makeup;
  • group shots.

Ekaterina BrideAs for communication with the opposite sex, the main thing is to be sincere and attentive to the interlocutor. Making sure she’s the only one getting that kind of attention is very important for a girl, it helps to better focus on the question of who you are to her and how she feels. By showing her value, you provoke her to reciprocate.

Say what you liked about her – not only externally, but also character traits, views, habits. Make sure that this is not a random choice, and that you made it deliberately, and not three photos on a social network. Surprise. Do surprises once a week or two – keep her enthusiastic and emotional in the relationship. Find out what flowers she likes and send them to her home or work. Fulfill her long-standing wish. Help in something where she didn’t count on your help. Arrange surprises and give gifts for no reason – but do not overdo it, so that it does not become boring and does not become a habit.

If the girl feels your confidence in herself, she will be calm. She will perceive you as a reliable person and will not worry too much about your neuroses – they just should not be shown right away. Gaining self-confidence is a long process. You will need to realize your strengths and weaknesses.

Be careful

A dating site without obligations and registration – sounds attractive. But scammers are often found on such resources. If you are interested in a serious relationship with ru brides, we do not recommend using dating sites without registration. They are inconvenient, there is no opportunity to correspond, and you need to contact immediately by phone number.

Register on several sites at the same time, so that there is more chance of a successful acquaintance. But first, decide on your desires. Is wedding and family creation really your desires or imposed by society? The sooner you realize this, the better. Maybe now you need not serious relationships, but new friends.

What Makes Russian Wives One of the Best?

Ira BrideAccording to the study, Russian girls most of all want to marry Americans, French, Germans, and Italians. These men are also very happy to marry Russian women, because they have a high cultural level, in their youth, they are very beautiful, as well as hardy and hardworking. At the end of the 20th century, institutions were gradually formed that helped Russians go abroad by marriage. Many people became rich thanks to marriage agencies, which were mainly addressed to the fair sex.

The whole world has heard a lot about the power of Russian women; that is why they are denied visas. Women of all nationalities hate them because beauty is not fair and injustice must be fought against. Russian women are naturally beautiful and retain their thin waist and attractiveness for a long time. A Russian woman wants to look good not only in order to attract the attention of men but also for herself. If she is in high spirits because she looks good, then everyone around her becomes better.

Russian women are magical! And they certainly have their own unique magic The Russian character is an incessant ebb and flow, and the purely Russian word “Nothing” well expresses the fatalism of these endless fluctuations.

Total Cost of Russian Bride

As you already know, you will not be able to fully meet a Russian bride for free, so sites with paid functionality offer you their services membership. Each site has free and paid features, prices are different too. On most popular services, paid options expand the functionality or promote users in the intranet rating, thereby increasing the chances of online dating. You can get acquainted with the price lists of services directly on the sites or through site reviews. But if you have already decided to marry a Russian girl, other costs await you:

  • presents and gifts,
  • air tickets,
  • registration of a visa, and various documents.

The total cost is $ 1,000-10,000. Get ready for this.

Success Stories

Leo and NadyaLeo Backer, 32 years old

“I was looking for my love for a long time after a scandalous divorce. It was somehow sad. I met and communicated with the help of RussianBridesforYou, as it was interesting to meet girls of different nationalities. Most of all I liked the Russian woman Nadya, with whom I recently got married and live happily.”


Richard success storyRichard Chapuis, 27 years old

“Of course, I had to curse a little. With the design of the questionnaire, general orientation in space. But it was worth it. I have been dating a girl for six months now, we met at Three weeks ago I proposed to her and I have no regrets. Acquaintance and communication with Russian women left only a positive impression. They are some of the nicest and friendliest people I have ever met. They always amaze me with their sensitivity and responsiveness! I have never been ignored or respected. In general, I find hot Russian women sweet and energetic in terms of communication. Appearance? Yes, I have never seen so many beauties in my life!”

John Aguilera, 44 years old

“I met on InternationalCupid a Russian-speaking girl from Israel. I am very glad that I communicate with her. Russian girls always amaze by their speech patterns, it is interesting to communicate with them. They are also incredibly beautiful. I just can’t stop looking at my Julia.”

Mark storyMark Sorin, 35 years old

“How do I represent hot Russian brides? Frankly, I have never met them in real life, but I communicate with two Russian girls on the Internet. I represent the image of a Russian woman through the eyes of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. These are women who have a huge impact on the lives of men. I would say, fatal women who change destinies. They seem to me to be more practical than Russian men. They have a strong character and ambition to go to the very end, despite the obstacles. The Russian woman is beautiful, respected. She is a symbol of the Russian nation.”


Can you buy a Russian bride?

Of course not. It is illegal and immoral, therefore, dating sites do not engage in human trafficking. You can meet girls, offer her to marry you.

Is it legal to have a wife from Russia?

Yes, it’s legal. You just need to go through the paperwork for the wedding. Then you can live together in your country.

How to fall in love with Russian babe?

To send a girl a couple of messages to make her fall in love with you sounds like a dream. This idea is a dream. Falling in love with a penpal girl is a complex and large-scale operation that can be divided into many tasks. Here it is important to know what to write in the first message in order to please her, and what to tell the pen-girl about in the future. But don’t be alarmed: with the right strategy, this is an easy task.

  • Break templates
  • Don’t write long messages
  • Be confident in yourself
  • Make her feel special
  • Be positive
  • Show male attention: give compliments and gifts, close the distance.

How often do Russian mail order bride divorce?

International marriages, in particular when mail-order Russian brides marry foreigners, have long been very popular. This phenomenon originates in the mid-90s. Until the end of the 90s, there was a rapid increase in the number of Russian girls who married foreigners.

Do Russian women know English?

Yes. Most of the young Russian girls study English for study and work. Therefore, you will not have any communication problems.