Bulgaria is a country in South-East Europe boarding with the Black Sea. Its population is only 7 million people. Bulgaria is not among the top countries with the most beautiful girls and this country seems to be unremarkable. But there are several strong reasons to find Bulgarian bride. Let’s talk about this.

Why are Bulgarian Women Being so Popular Among Foreign Men?

There are many beautiful girls in Bulgaria. It’s true. Bulgaria belongs to the Slavic countries, so they have similar facial features with girls from Ukraine and Russia. Nevertheless, appearance is not the main reason. First of all, men see a set of good qualities in hot Bulgarian women.

Family Values

Balkan girls take family values ​​very seriously. A Bulgarian girl is likely to be very very considerate of you. She is interested in learning about your hobbies, your values ​​and dreams. In serious relationship, such a girl will most likely strive to spend as much time with you as possible and show you her love. These girls have very strong empathy. This will be especially noticeable in family relationships after the birth of a child. So if family values ​​are very important to you, then a Bulgarian girl is more suitable for you than an American.


Bulgarian brides are very good house keepers. They cook a lot, especially for the holidays.


Girls from Bulgaria have very good sense of gratitude to a man. They value the time you give them, your attention, and your resources. If you make a gift to such a girl or help her in any way (for example, help her move to America), she will remember this.


Bulgarian brides follow a traditional relationship model. They accept the fact that they are women and they like to be feminine.


There are a huge number of girls on dating sites looking for a foreigner to solve their financial problems. This fact is frustrating for many men. Many of them are disappointed in online dating, because they do not want wifes

to see only a wallet in them. Girls from Bulgaria look much better against sugar babies, because selflessness is one of their character traits. Typically, they don’t care about your income and your condition. Sympathy and love are more important to them.

How do Beautiful Bulgarian Women Look Like?

They are not tall. Average height is about 160-165 centimeters. A typical physique is skinny and thin: narrow shoulders, a thin waist and wrists. Many girls do plastic surgery on their breasts and lips. Naturally, their lips are usually thin as well. Hair is dark, long and thick. Skin looks darker than it could be due to the plenty of sun in their country. Pale-skinned girls are very rare.

Several examples of hot Bulgarian women


Where to Find a Bulgarian Wife

You can try to find Bulgarian brides online or offline. Let’s compare these methods.

The first way: Visit Bulgaria and stay there for several weeks. During this time, you have a good chance of meeting several girls. Spend some time with them in real life and then continue to chat on the Internet. In this case, you will understand exactly whether you want to continue to communicate with the girl or not. The main disadvantage of this method is that it is expensive and difficult. It’s very stressful to meet girls in another country, especially for those who don’t like clubs and bars.

The second way: Use dating sites, apps or Bulgarian mail order brides.

It’s more convenient, cheaper, lighter, and less stressful. You chat with the girl you like for a few months and then come to her to Bulgaria or invite her to the USA. What is bad is that you take the risk of running into scammers and wasting a few months before meeting a real beautiful girl. Moreover, the audience of such sites is far from 1/10 of free girls (but this is still enough, so there is plenty to choose from). Another challenge is time zone. It’s hard to find available time for you both.

Pros and Cons of Dating Bulgarian Woman

The main positive qualities of Bulgarian girls are sincerity, gratitude and family values. This is important, because your wedlock is going to be long and strong. You and your children will live in the atmosphere of love and care.

On the other hand, there are some negative character traits that Americans do not like. One example is that people there are much more pessimistic than in America. They are used to complaining about their life and government. They also don’t like to admit they were wrong. They believe that anyone is to blame, but not themselves.

Nobody is perfect, so this is okay. Every girl is unique anyway, so don’t take this characteristic too seriously.

Cultural Differences

Each country has its own unique culture and traditions. Perfect situation is when you borrow each other’s traditions and set a balance. So, here are a few things you should know about cultural differences.

  1. Bulgarians are known as extremely calm and balanced people.
  2. There is only one city with population of more than 1 million people (Sofia). That is why many Bulgarians are used to living in small cities. At the same time, some of them are looking for a man from the big city because they feel bored in villages.
  3. Some gestures are different from international ones. For example, a nod of a head back and forward means “no,” and turns to the right and left means “yes.”
  4. Bulgarians have an interesting drinking tradition: they drink red wine in the months that have the letter R, and white one in the months without the letter R. This is easy learn, because the names of the months in Bulgarian sound almost the same.
  5. Balkan men and women are not very ambitious. The American dream is not for them. This refers to many, but not to all. There are always exceptions.

Don’t take cultural differences as a problem. Soul mate would easily overcome it.

Do and Don’ts of Dating Bulgarian Woman

So, you just read about cultural features and character. Now is the time to find out what to do and what not to do while dating a Bulgarian woman.

Do say compliments. Everyone loves it. Try to not only compliment girl’s appearance, but also notice her personality.
Do show that you have serious intentions of wedding, but don’t hurry and push on.
Do pay attention to her while meeting and while living together.

Don’t argue. As already mentioned, Bulgarians are not taught to admit their guilt, so you risk simply ruining your relationship.
Don’t ask the girl to do too much work. Balcanic people are some kind of lazybones.
Don’t refuse help if woman wants to help you. This expression of concern is significant.


People often ask:

Why do Bulgarian brides want to marry men from abroad?

The answer is love to America and Americans. Some countries in Western Europe do not like Americans, but people in such countries as Bulgaria do.

How to find a reliable Bulgarian web dating site?

You can find the list with the best dating sites above. Select one or more, follow the link, register and start searching.

What is the difference between Russian and Bulgarian women?

Russians are known as more beautiful, but Bulgarian girls are known for their sincerity and loyalty, so you will most likely to get along with them easier.

How to attract beautiful Bulgarian girl?

Your wealth and appearance are not as important as your personality. Give your attention to girl and show your reliability.

What are potential challenges in meeting Bulgarian girl?

America and Bulgaria have very different time zones, so it will be difficult for you to find time to communicate. In addition, this country is not one of the visa-free countries, so any flight to America will have to be planned in advance.

What do Bulgarian women look for in men?

Different girls have different expectations. Girls often look for a mature experienced man of age 30 and older. They are also interested in hard-working and active man, who will be able to recoup their calmness and peace.

Finding a wife abroad is some kind of challenge demanding your time, strong desire and patience. Overcome all difficulties to have a successful marriage. Follow these advices and have good luck!