Belarus is a small post-Soviet country unknown to the vast majority of tourists from the US and the European states. However, it also has its hidden jewels. The country is a perfect destination for someone who wants to get out of the comfort zone and experience something new. Belarus, which is now called the last European dictatorship, slowly but steadily opens to the world. So, take your chance and go to this state in order to meet beautiful Belarus mail order brides and make your dreams come true!

Why are Belarusian women perfect brides?

A lot of men from all over the world prefer to marry Belarusian women. What is their motivation? Why these Slavic beauties attract the opposite sex so much? Let’s try to find out by answering the question “Why Belarusian women are perfect for marriage”.Anna

  • They are extremely loyal. If a Belarusian girl falls in love with you, she will never cheat on you. The fact is that after marriage Belarus women sacrifice themselves entirely to the well-being of the household. Once she accepted to be with you, she will do everything she can to prove that her choice was correct.
  • They are beautiful. Slavic women are known for their unique beauty and Belarusian girls are not an exception. Just walk through the street of Minsk, the capital, and you will see it with your own eyes.
  • They are humble and simple. A Belarusian girl will not make you think that she is the center of the Universe and you need to deserve her attention. She is simple in communication but it does not mean that you can win her heart easily. Women’s hearts are the most sophisticated mechanisms, aren’t they?
  • Belarus brides are quick learners. If she does not speak English well – give her a few months and she will be able to keep up a conversation on a decent level. If she cannot cook – she will watch tons of cooking shows and will impress you with her skills. It’s up to you to find a good motivation for her.

How to get a Belarusian girl?

If you want to win the heart of a Belarusian girl and walk down the aisle with her, you need to follow these pieces of advice proven by the experience:

  • Be courageous. Take initiative, be self-confident, do not be afraid of eyes contact and make her feel that she is in security with you;
  • Be positive. Talk to her about funny situations you have been into, tell jokes, share your plans, career goals, etc. Women from Belarus do not want to listen to a guy complaining about previous relationships or problems at work. Leave all of this to your friends, you should impress the girl, not to make her sympathize with you;
  • Try to avoid money-related issues. Do not tell her how much you pay for the staff you give her. Do not try to show that money is not a problem for you. Otherwise, your date might feel as if she were in debt to you. Always pay the bills but ensure yourself that your date is good about it;
  • Take decisions by yourself. Belarusian women do not like to be a leader in the relationship. Even if you want to be very nice to her, the final decision should be always up to you (within the reasonable limits, of course). If you do so, the woman will respect your strong will which she finds sexy and will do her best not to lose “the real man”;
  • Be yourself. This is a little bit obvious but nevertheless very important advice. Do not try to fake your personality – women are good at revealing the truth. If your Belarusian bride loves you the way you are – only then you will be really happy in marriage.

Pros and Cons of dating Belarusian women

There are advantages and disadvantages of dating Belarusian women. Let’s find out more about it in the list below. Leonia

  1. Belarusian women become great mothers. It is a common thing among Slavic people: there is a special connection between the child and the mother. Your children will always be taken care of and she will make a lot of efforts in order to ensure the best prospects possible for them.
  2. Your Belarusian wife will always be loyal to you. In Eastern Europe, the girls do not change partners that easy. In Belarus, the society is more or less traditional and the traditional views on dating/marriage prevail. Therefore, once married, women from Belarus remain committed to their families and husbands in particular.
  3. Belarus girls are modest. She doesn’t expect you to be a billionaire. Of course, your finances should be sufficient to create a family which is always an expensive step. Nevertheless, for a Belarusian girl your attention, love and care are more important than money.
  4. They are supportive. She will be delighted to brag about your achievements to her friends. You will be her major investment so she will always support you because your success is her success, your failure is her failure.

What about the cons of dating girls from Belarus, they are really few? The major one would be some cultural differences (later in the article you’ll find out more about this topic). Also, people in Belarus do not speak English fluently. Finally, some women might be looking for a foreign boyfriend just to go abroad and live on her husband’s expenses. You should try to figure out her intentions first and only then move your relationship to the next level.

Do’s and Don’ts of dating Belarusian girls

What you should/shouldn’t do while dating a lady from Belarus? Let’s clear it up. Palagna

  • Take initiative and be self-confident. Women from Belarus like guys who take action and are not afraid of making on-spot decisions. Also, show to her that you are mentally strong and that you are not an easy target. She will appreciate you more if you do not show signs of affection right away;
  • Be positive. Generally, people from Eastern Europe are more reserved and have negative thinking. If she dates you, it means she wants something different. So, give it to her! Take pleasure from the time you spend with your hot Belarusian girl and keep her entertained throughout the evening;
  • Be yourself. The fact is that you are already interesting for her – if it weren’t this way, she wouldn’t have gone out with you;
  • Don’t ask her to share the bill. In Belarus, guys always pay for the girls, it is common and polite;
  • Don’t try to buy her love – instead, make her believe that she needs you even more than you need her.

Cultural differences

As it was already stated, there are some cultural differences you must be aware of. Most of them are due to the historical heritage of the US/Europe and Eastern countries that once were part of the Soviet Union. Belarus is even today considered to be a dictatorship. So, it is normal that people treat foreigners carefully, without affection, even coldly. They are afraid of expressing freely their thoughts and opinions, especially regarding the current political situation. Also, the Belarusian is not the greatest travelers: people lack money, time and required mindset to travel. Finally, there is a certain inferiority complex which is closely tied to the Soviet past. So, take into account all these details and try to adjust your behavior accordingly.


Belarus women for marriage might be an ideal option for you to start a happy family life. They are loyal, supportive, kind, caring, good mothers, they are beautiful and have serious intentions. Start messaging on the dating website and then book a trip to Belarus – you will have a lot of new impressions; you’ll meet interesting people and hot girls and will spend the time of your life. Grab the moment!


How to find reliable web dating service with Belarusian brides?

This article includes a list of reliable and efficient online dating sites. You can follow the links to look through these web pages or read some reviews elsewhere on the Internet.

What is the difference between Russian and Belarusian women?

Belarusian women are more modest. Also, they are very romantic but not that strong as Russian women.

How to impress a Belarusian woman?

You need to gain her trust and introduce yourself as a strong, self-confident male. The life is sometimes difficult in Belarus so the women are looking for a husband who might be protector and provider.

Which gift will be perfect for a Belarusian woman?

Don’t buy her luxurious staff. Instead, give her flowers, cards with romantic words, small jewelry, chocolate boxes, etc.

Why do Belarusian women look for marriage?

Every Belarusian girl dreams of becoming a wife one day. It is crucial for them to found a family, have babies and grandchildren afterwards. Women in Belarus think less about career, professional development etc. but dedicate the life to the well-being of their families.