Many people believe that the only international language is love. No new words, grammar, and pronunciation challenges, although feelings, smiles, and romantic moments that don’t require translation. With that in mind, Cupid Media network created an online dating resource – International Cupid. This dating site is worldwide oriented. Here you’ll be able to find yourself a partner from any country in the world. Developers promise to give you dozens of new friends and lovers. So, let’s test International Cupid for the title of the dating site that units the whole planet!

First Impression

The first impression means everything when it comes to amorous affairs. From first glance, this site looks convenient with up-to-date design and logic interface. However, to be precise let’s take a closer look at all the good and bad on International Cupid dating site.

The Bad

No app for all
Perhaps the biggest minus of this platform is that the app is available only for Android users. iPhone owners have nothing to do but make use of the mobile version of the browser. This may not be convenient for everyone since usually mobile versions of sites (especially ones with a large amount of information like dating platforms) take longer time to load than apps.

Pay for fun
Nearly every necessary service requires paid subscription here. More than that, you can’t even look through all accounts without gold or platinum membership. Such thing as “Exotic Foreign Ladies gallery” sounds a little bit sarcastic as you pay for an ability to look at women’s profiles promised to be just goddesses. Though it’s quite subjective and there are lots of chances that you won’t find your soulmate in that gallery.

Just massages
For more extended communication options you’ll need to share your Inst or Facebook page. The lack of video communication in messages forces you to give out your data to an unfamiliar person. Despite the fact that this person can be highly motivated, since he/she, like you, buying a paid subscription, this fact absolutely doesn’t protect you from scammers who either hunt for your data or simply pretend to be a female account’s user.

The Good

Wide audience
Of course, a company cannot be called international if its audience is limited to several English-speaking countries. In this regard, International Cupid boasts a huge audience of more than 4 million paid subscribers. This will provide you with an excellent choice of potential partners (which you can’t get in real life) and you know for sure what you are giving an impressive amount of money for.

Big amount of alternative products
The Cupid Media network consists of more than just one site. It is a global corporation that runs many niche resources. It’s not about their functionality, as this is an International Cupid review. However, several additional resources suggest that you are dealing with a high-quality dating site, that’s main task is to help its subscribers find their partner.

Long-term relationship focus
Certainly, no one has the right to determine which relationship you need. Desire to have fun even if it involves random sexual relationships is normal. However, this may conflict with the wishes of people looking for dating and marriage with their lifetime partners. They also deserve a resource without sex content. International cupid dating site is exactly what they need. Thanks to an orientation on family values, here you won’t find naked content, but you can easily find a wife or friend.

Speedy registration
Dating sites are in the public eye for a long time by now. And after all these years, especially with today’s life pace, there is no time for a long registering process. You need to find love quickly. Everyone’s running out of time. So definitely long questionnaires are extra. Using thins site or app you’ll be able to date already after several minutes of registration.

International interface
Besides the fact that International Cupid has links to smaller sites for individual countries, you can also customize the interface in your language. More than 15 languages are available. Also, paid subscribers can use the translator in messages in order to communicate with people from other countries to prevent misunderstandings.


There are 3 kinds of subscriptions on International Cupid website – free subscription, gold, and platinum membership.
For free on the you can:

  • Explore plain match selection based on the gender, age, and location of your potential partner;
  • Like open users;
  • Send messages to paid members.

Gold membership includes all the previous features plus:

  • Communication with all members;
  • Live chats;
  • Ads-free searching;
  • Anonymous mode.

Platinum membership takes in all the previous features including:

  • A higher position in the list;
  • Extra profile space;
  • VIP profile status;
  • Advanced matching;
  • Massages translation feature.

The price for the International Cupid services varies depending on the duration and type of subscription. Check up the current fees below.

Gold subscription

1  Month

$29.98 monthly$29.98
3 Month$20.00 monthly$59.99
1 Year$10.00 monthly$119.98
Platinum subscription
1  Month$34.99 monthly$34.99

3 Month

$23.33 monthly$69.98
1 Year$12.50 monthly$149.99

Well, speaking of the most economically beneficial memberships in both variants (nearly everywhere) annual subscription is the best. First of all, you’ll be able to forget about one thing you need to pay every month. Secondly, monthly payment for the one-year membership is 70% lower. And finally, if you’ll buy platinum annual you’ll pay only $0.40 a day! Nearly nothing comparing to all those expenses you should do daily.
The payment process on this dating resource is simple and convenient. You can by bank transfer, PayPal, any online bank, or surely credit card. You’ll get your money back if you haven’t tried any paid services such as advanced matching, massages translation feature, anonymous mode, and extra profile space. Plus you can use your account till the end of the paid period even if you canceled membership.

Registration Process

The registration process is trouble-free. You need to enter your name, age, e-mail address, and desired gender. After e-mail confirmation, your free account version will run without trouble.

Interantional Date pic 1After that brief registration you’ll be able to look through people’s profiles already. However, you’ll get only 13% of your profile fullness.

Interantional Date pic 2

Interantional Date pic 3

You can like people without extended information, though popping-up video with a suggestion to add photos and other staff won’t let you scroll evenly. You can also connect or log in with the Facebook page. Preview of the users’ account looks in the following way:

Interantional Date pic 4
Paid users who received additional space can give some extra information in the given space.

Interantional Date pic 5

The App

As mentioned there is no app for IOS. iPhone users are to look for love through browser. There are definitely more cons. Firstly, the mobile version has a long interface so you’ll need to scroll down to read the full information. Moreover, you won’t be able to zoom the page.

Interantional Date pic 6

App for an Android doesn’t look much different form than the mobile and original version. The interface is long too, but profile photos on preview are bigger.

Website Safety

International cupid website is absolutely safe as it has special algorithms that secure your data. Two old and trusted companies McAfee and Thawte protect this site from frauds and leaks. Moreover, you can protect yourself by being careful with giving information to strangers. Don’t give phone or credit card numbers. Though paying for International Cupid services is 100% secure as this online dating website is working with official banks and payment systems.

Additional Features

This site is more traditional regarding features. Though Platinum membership surely has something to offer. Let’s elaborate on some of them.
Anonymous status
For sneakers who like to spy on people, this feature is a must. You’ll be able to keep your account secret and seek for love anonymously.
Massages translator
International cupid is a worldwide known site. And some of the countries are non-English speakers. This dating site is opposed to language boundaries which prevent two people to love. So, with this paid feature you can talk to anyone in the world!

Customer Support

There is no 24/7 support on this website. However, admins are always ready to give you the necessary information in your e-mail.

Interantional Date pic 7


Who owns International Cupid?

International Cupid is owned by Cupid Media Pty Ltd. This company specializes in creating dating sites from 1999. Today, there are more than 20 niche resources. Due to them, you can find your love in a foreign country you like.

Can I use service anonymously?

Yes, you can. However, this feature is available only for those who’ve bought gold membership for $10 monthly.

How can I sure profiles are real?

A huge part in the first impression of you as well as your potential partner plays your profile photo. Developers suggest using the most recent photos with clear face showing without any nudity. So, choose accounts that suit to these terms. More than that, ask for a Facebook page and don’t respond to the massages with personal data requirements. Notice that profiles without any information about preferences as well photos are probably frauds. Plus don’t forget to verify your account, that’s another sign of real user.

How many members does have? has more than 4 million subscribers. Well, this amount of people surely aren’t online 24/7. That’s why you’ll be able to start a conversation with more than 3000 people daily. However, that’s still quite a big amount of acquaintances.

Is safe? is safe form scam due to its protection algorithms. You a free to sign in with the help of your Facebook page or Google+ account. More than that, additional verification by e-mail reduce scammers. Don’t forget that your security depends on your attitude too. Remember, that you shouldn’t give your Credit Card number to any users as well as any other personal data.

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